QR design

The QR code design page has changed since version 4.0.0. Now you can see a live preview for all the customization options. You can easily make changes and see how the change looks

QR generator for WordPress



QR color: Click on the color picker and choose a color for the Qr code

QR Background Color:  Choose a color for the QR code background, also can use transparent or RGB color

Error Correction Level: It has four parts-  Low, Medium, High, and Quartile, choose any one of the four. We recommend Low

Min Version: This is a QR line amount, it ranges up to 10, we recommend keeping it at 1

Rounded Corners: The corner shape of the QR line, ranges up to 100,

Margin: This is the margin of the QR code, ranging up to 4,

Logo Image: Click the “Upload Image” button and upload an image for the QR code

Image Size: This is the image size of the QR code, please adjust the image size according to the QR code for better scanning. We recommend keeping it from 10 to 16

Front QR Code Size: Enter the size you want to see on the QR code front end

Download QR Code Size: Enter the size of the QR code image you want to download, this is the QR code download image quality; Default is 700px

Download QR Button: This is a button for QR code download, you can find four options,

  • Keep the button, don’t keep it
  • change the button label,
  • Choose the button color and button background color




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