QR code for Google Map

Generating Google Map QR code with Shortcode: #


Go to the plugin settings page and then click on the Custom QR tab. You will find the QR for Maps, fill up in the google map information as the content of the QR code, please see details below.

Google Map QR code for WordPress

Input the first field “longitude “, the second field write “latitude” and the last field type “Query”. after saving the change, click the Copy Button and paste this shortcode into your site’s desired place.

where you find longitude, latitude, and Query, please see the below screenshot for getting an idea 


Google Map Finding location

How to customize the Shortcode: [ qr_maps_composer]

Example: [ qr_maps_composer query=”Sharabindu Bakshi” longitude=”24.2015042″ latitude=”88.9968031″ size=”200″ logo=”URL” color=”#311cb5″ background=”#fff”]

  • *query = “String” ,
  • *longitude = “numeric” ,
  • *latitude = “numeric” ,
  • *size = “Numeric value” ,
  • *logo = “logo URL” ,
  • *color = “Color code” ,
  • *background = “Color code” ,


Generating Google Map QR code with Elementor: #

Elementor users can Create google map QR codes easily with our built-in “QRC Composer” addon. choose Google Maps as the QRC composer element and input the field. below image for an example

Google Map QR code for elementor

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