QR code for Event Planning

Generating Event QR code with Shortcode: #

Go to the plugin settings page and then click on the Custom QR tab. You will find the input field here, fill up the event information and copy the shortcode

Event QR code #


How to customize the Shortcode: [qrc_event]

Example: qrc_event summary=”Summit 2020″ description=”our most favorite” location=”Giopalpur ” startdate=”2022/12/02″ starttime=”11:30″ enddate=”2022/12/08″ endtime =”10:30″]

    • summary= “String”,
    • description= “String”,
    • location= “String” ,
    • startdate= “numeric” ,(format: y/m/d)
    • starttime= “String” ,(format:H:i)
    • endsate= “String” ,(format: y/m/d)
    • endtime = “String” ,(format:H:i)


Generating Event QR code with elementor: #

Elementor users can Create event QR codes easily with our built-in “QRC Composer” addon. choose the Event as a QRC composer element and input the number. below image for an example


QR event for elementor



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