QR code for Email Address

Generating Email QR code with Shortcode: #


Go to the plugin settings page and then click on the Custom QR tab. You will find the input field here, where the email address is the content of the QR code, please see the details below.

Custom QR for text-email-number-link #


How to customize the Shortcode: [ qr_link_composer]

Example: [ qr_link_composer link=”sharabindu86@gmail.com”]

  • *link = Text, URL, Number, Email Adress



Generating Email QR code with elementor: #

Elementor users can Create email  QR codes easily with our built-in “QRC Composer” addon. choose the Email as the QRC composer element and input the number. below image for an example


elementor QR code for email



Generating Email QR code with Widget: #

You can create and display Email QR codes using WordPress widgets. Go to Apperence> widget and search “QR code composer”, find the Email address from the Select option, input the email address, upload the image/logo, and save

Email QR for WordPress widget


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