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Woocommerce order QR code: #

This plugin can generate a QR Code for Woocommerce order and order emails, after an order is completed the QR Code will be printed on the order email. The order email QR Code can be generated from the various elements. order ID, transaction ID, and billing address. order amount, data, QR, shipping cost, and many more. QR Code color and size can be customized.



Order Email QR code: #

Order QR code in email


Settings Page: #


For Order QR Code, go to Settings in the QR Code Composer plugin then click the Order Email QR submenu.

Order QR Settings



QR code Size: Choose the size of the QR code for the order page, email

QR code Color: Select the color of the QR code, ‘#000’ by default

Order QR code element:  Check the elements you want to include in the order QR code. Live preview of scan results on the right

Show Email QR Code: Select Display by type of email

Email QR Alignment: Select Email QR Alignment, Left by default


Order dashboard Page: #

When you click an order or edit an order you will receive the order QR code as a meta field

order dashboard QR

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