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Thank you very much for choosing our plugin. We truly appreciate and really hope that you’ll enjoy our plugin!

QR Code Composer- Plugins You can generate wide custom and automated site page URLs into QR code generators and use them for pages, widgets, and shortcodes. The plugin does not rely on any external services, the QR codes are created using JavaScript.

Plugin QR code features #

  • Dynamic QR Codes.
  • QR Code Download and Print Option.
  • Custom QR Code Design.
  • QR With Logo.
  • Elementor Addon
  • Support custom Position
  • Support custom Alignment
  • Support Qr code and Background color
  • Support Logo images (including transparent PNG images).

QR Code Composer helps to generate code #

  • Custom text/custom link.
  • Current page URL.
  • Mail to link/Email.
  • Google Location.
  • Event QR Code
  • Whatsapp Chat Access
  • Phone Number.
  • Phone SMS.
  • WIFI Access

Styling Options: #

  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Background Color
  • Border color, width, height
  • QR Inner Color
Need Support? #

If you have any questions regarding these issues, please submit a ticket at

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