Elementor Addon for QR code Generator



If you use Element Page Builder, you will find the QR Code Addon Widget on Element Edit Pag

QRC Composer Elements #


elementor content



QRC Composer Elements: Here you will find eight (8) options, select as per your requirement from the dropdown

  • Current URL
  • Custom Link
  • WhatsApp
  • Google Map
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Wifi Access
  • Contact info(vCard)

QR code display size: Enter the size you want to see on the QR code front end

QR code Download size:  Enter the size of the QR code image you want to download, this is the QR code download image quality; Default is 700px

Error Correction Level: It has four parts-  Low, Medium, High, and Quartile, choose any one of the four. We recommend Low

Version: This is a QR line amount, it ranges up to 10, we recommend keeping it at 1

Rounded Corners: The corner shape of the QR line, ranges up to 100,

Margin: This is the margin of the QR code, ranging up to 4,

QR Alignment: Choose QR alignment from left, center, or right

Add Logo on QR Code: #


Enable Logo?: if you want to input the logo in QR then click this switcher button and upload the image from the next section.

Logo Image: Click to upload the image

Important note: Always use HTTPS to upload images. How to enable HTTPS on your WordPress site, go to WordPress Dashboard Settings > General > enter HTTPS in the  WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) fields. Make sure you have activated a valid SSL certificate See the picture below to get an idea



Enable Download Button?: Click on the switcher to enable the QR download button

Button Label: Type Button Label Text

Button padding: Select the Button padding; range 0 to 30

Button margin from top: Select the Button margin from the QR image; range 0 to 100



Style Option: #

Click on the Style tab for QR Color, QR Background Color, Download Button Color, Download Button Background Color

Style options


QR Color: Select QR Color from the Color Picker option

QR Background Color: Select QR  Background Color to form the Color Picker option

Download Button Color: Select Button Color from the Color Picker option

Download Button  Background Color: Select Button Background Color from the Color Picker option

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